Jeffrey Locke


What the nominator said:

Mr. Locke takes his ecology classes to the river near our school to do experiments and participates in the Tomatosphere program to make his classes enjoyable and teach us in a way that is outside the box. He differentiates instructions to accommodate different learning styles and abilities. He has “extra help” sessions for two hours the day before every test. Outside of class he works just as hard. When he first came to our school he created the “SMASH” video gaming club. It was an instant success, and for the kids who are not involved musically or physically it is a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities and feel like part of the school.

What is your teaching philosophy/creed?:

My teaching philosophy is one of citizenship and service: Be a person for others. Teaching has its challenges but I am able to sift through the distractions and difficulties by focusing on treating my profession as a vocation, not simply a job or a pay cheque. Service to the community is important for my happiness as well. I have been fortunate in having many positive experiences such as learning from other teachers and helping those in need.

I believe everyone has an experience or story to tell. I enjoy helping others and engaging student leaders for the betterment of our school, community, province and country. Connecting with their stories, and sharing my own, helps build caring people who also will endeavour to be persons for other people.
What was your proudest teaching moment?

The latest moment of pride I have had is due to the efforts of our schools competitive gaming team. This group of students collectively raised $3,283 for the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador. They wish to purchase assistive technology that can help students with autism become more successful learners. These students compete in gaming and come together to help others. We will purchase several iPads/tablets and software and make a formal presentation in the coming weeks.