Jessi Lesko


What the nominator said:

Mrs. Lesko is a responsive and caring teacher who involves her Grade 2 students in integrated personalized learning experiences and engages them in very meaningful ways. Her classroom reflects her belief in a personalized program. Every child can find a space within which to engage. The music fan has a corner with a keyboard. The dreamer is close enough to external views for a flight of fancy yet far enough for easy recall. The tactile learner has materials at hand while the auditory learner is easily accommodated. Every child learns at his or own pace but all can be successful. Assessment is adjusted to accommodate learning styles, achievement levels, personal identified needs and more. The talented are stimulated while those who need assistance are supported.

The learning is extended to the Medicine Hat community and students also learn outside of school through mentoring by generous community members within local organizations. Learning experiences are hands-on and experiential. Within this environment, each child can achieve success, and each child can be the best he or she can be. Mrs. Lesko makes learning easy and fun. She knows her students and structures the learning and the classroom environment to support each child. Mrs. Lesko fosters not just intellectual growth but also social and emotional growth. She supports the whole child.

What tips do you have for parents on how they can help prepare their kids to get the most out of the school day?

It is good to have a routine, before and after school. Homework should be done first thing when the student gets home. Always keep your planner as a communication tool between the teacher, parents and student.

If you win, how will you allocate the Teacher Awards prize money?:

I would buy books for my classroom and various teaching resources that I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.