Lenka Balcar

What the nominator said:

I am raising three grandsons who have some issues due to their situation. We met Lenka Balcar in Grade 8 when she worked with the oldest and not only helped him achieve his year but win two awards for progress. (He had struggled throughout his entire school life). He then went on to high school where he discovered bullies and drugs. One thing led to another and we were deep in losing him to drugs. He messaged her because of the connection they had. She called me immediately. Together, we made a plan. It’s been a long time since I have had kids in school, and things have changed. I didn’t know where to turn. She has met with us, coached us, and hooked me up with other resources to work through these issues. Without her help, I don’t know that my grandson would still be alive. Ms. Balcar is a true angel for me. She made a huge difference in our lives. She no longer teaches at our school but she will always have our praises.
What you like most about your job:

I like seeing the kids who think they can’t achieve success, be successful, and see the kids that think that they aren’t smart, realize that they are. There is nothing like that moment when you see a child sit-up a little taller because they have done something they didn’t think was possible.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your students:

To be human. To allow the students to see that I make mistakes as well. Mistakes are part of the process of learning.