Scott Howe


What the nominator said:

Mr. Howe is a caring, supportive, and hard-working teacher who goes above and beyond on a daily basis to help his students and co-workers. He always takes the time to speak to parents about their children and offers his support in whatever way is required. He also promotes self-evaluation in his students. He encourages them to find their strengths and weaknesses and then teaches them how to grow within themselves to achieve greatness. He gets that all students do not learn and understand the school material the same way, and may require different teaching methods for them to achieve greater understanding.

Any student who has been fortunate enough to have Mr. Howe as their teacher is changed forever due to his guidance, support and generous caring nature! Students return to check in with him long after they have gone on to high school, because he has made a great impact on their lives.

What was your proudest teaching moment?:

Our 2015-2016 Taps OFF water project, every drop counts. Two years ago, our Fort George project. Both started with Ontario curriculum expectations and both were created by the students working together. Sifton Bog and other field trips have helped a lot.
If you could have any person, dead or alive, fictional or real, come in and speak with your class, who would that be? Why?:

Severn Suzuki, her dad David Suzuki, Chief Leslee White-Eye and Mayor Matt Brown. Together with the students we could create a water walk. Perhaps we could invite the Antler River Guardians from the 4 Directions to join us. This might be a great project for next year’s class.