2-For-1: Savvy Or Stupid?

Photo by stephendepolo, via Flickr (CC)

We’ve all seen those late-night, over-the-top, can’t-help-but-watch infomercials and have thought one thing or another. At first, it may be “this is ridiculous,” secound it could turn into “If this actually works…” and finally it may end off on “I need this.” Well if you’re us, that is how it ends anyways (four Magic Bullets, two Sham Wows and one George Foreman Grill later, we are just glad we avoided the Snuggie). But what really gets us is all of the so-called deals. Are these items so overpriced that they can give you two for the price of one? And by “limited time only” do they really mean for as long as we stay in business (which, granted could be limited).

Tangents aside, why is two always better than one? If something works as it is should then why do we need two? In an age of mass consumerism and over-commodification, do we really need two Cyclonic cutting systems (read: Magic Bullet), when you can just use a knife?

Exceptions? Sure, there are a few. Two-for-one t-shirts (when you actually need t shirts)? Good. Two-for-one ice cream? Very, very good.

We’re still on the fence, because while we like to think of ourselves as extremely consumer savvy—the kind who can sniff out a raw deal from three discount bins away—we do still like our stuff (just look at our closets). And maybe, in the age of indulgence, more is always more?

Help us decide: Are you a two-for-one-r? Does quantity surpass quality? Or is a good deal just a good deal?

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