3 Ways to Trick Yourself into Shape This Spring

Photography from Lululemon Athletica via Flickr (CC)

Along with its blossoming bulbs and chirping birds, spring also means revisiting that exercise regimen that got packed away along with last year’s Halloween decor. But sometimes we all need a little extra kick in the butt to get us moving, so here are three tips we’ve learned to get us on our way.

Dress The Part

As soon as you get home from work, change into your workout gear right away. Once you’ve tackled dinner, homework, bedtime, etc., you’re ready to move right into exercise mode. (Need some extra motivation? Think about the irritation of laundering workout clothes you didn’t even sweat in!)

Find Some Indulgent Distraction

If you’re heading out for a powerwalk around the neighbourhood, bring your cell phone and catch up with your best friend on the way. If you’re hitting the treadmill, download a season of a TV series you’ve been meaning to check out onto your iPhone or iPad. (Ahem, if that Don Draper doesn’t get your heart rate up, we don’t know what will!)

Choose a Goal and Sing it From the Rooftops

Make yourself accountable to your fitness goals by signing up for a charity run/walk or a tournament and make sure to publicize your intentions. Afterall, there’s no hiding from all of the coworkers and family members who will continue to ask about your training as the big day draws nearer!

Do you have fail-safe spring workout tips? Let us know (seriously, please).

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