8 Free Ways for Kids to Show Grandma Love on Mother’s Day (+ Win a Sweet Prize!)

Photo by makelessnoise via Flickr (CC)

• Pick her some flowers. Even dandelions will delight!
• Craft a homemade card using the wisdom that the more sparkles, sequins and pompoms you use, the more it says how much you love her.
• Pamper her with a spa day—the kind where the kids “do” her nails.
• Frame a favorite picture of Grandma and the kids together.
• Suggest that the kids offer to help her with the gardening, cleaning or other projects around the house.
• Advise them to do this: Hug her and tell her how much she is loved (extra-cute made up words like “bajillion” and “hug-mongously” will go over well).
• Invite her over for brunch or bring her some yummy muffins.
• Give the gift that keeps on giving: If you live far away, set a time and date that you and the kids will make regular calls.

So what’s the prize we mentioned? You could win one of three customizable pieces of jewellery featured on page 10 of the May 2010 issue. To win, count all of the hearts we have hidden throughout the magazine and send us the page numbers where you’ve found them to win@canadianfamily.ca with the subject line “May Heart Hunt.”

For more ideas on how to celebrate mom, grandma and all of the other mothers in your life, read our Mother’s Day Guide.

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