A Kid-Friendly Foodie Blog: Julie Powell For The Mommy Set

There is even have an Olympic Stirfry with 5 vegetables to compliment the colours of the rings

Think Julie Powell but way more savvy, and with a kid. The Great Big Vegetable Change started as a blog, and is now a book, that focused on one UK mom’s struggle to get her seven-year-old kid to eat his vegetable.

The rules: to work through as many vegetables in the alphabet that they can think of, taste testing at least two dishes per veg (to really give it a fair shake). Momma Charlotte Hume makes it (though helpers are always accepted) and Freddie rates ’em.

So far the duo, plus frequent dinner party guests—including dad and sister Alex—have tried everything from Brussels sprout, dandelions and edemame, to okra, nori and plaintains, and the best part (besides the real-life mommy commentary) is she includes the recipes! The blog, which began three years ago, has also included subsequent challenges including school lunches and lunches.

Check it out for some great inspiration, and a few chuckles.

Take a look at some of our own great veggie recipes, and be sure to pick up our April issue—out March 11—for a selection of delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.

– Winter Slaw
-Grilled potato salad with pesto
– Confetti couscous
– Carrot and parsnip Fritters
– Nature’s veggie nachos

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