A New Way to Get Health Alerts: Health & Safety Watch

Health & Safety Watch displaying the area affected by a recent Roots childrens pajamas recall.

Most of us know that if there’s a recall we want to learn more about, we can probably find the info on the Health Canada website. But
Dr. Jeff Aramini, a former Health Canada senior public health epidemiologist, recognized that health alerts, product recalls and food recalls aren’t always getting to the public in a timely or efficient manner.

So, he created Health & Safety Watch, a public resource fueled with health and safety information from over 200 Canadian sources at the regional, municipal and national level, in real time. An interactive map highlights areas affected (so you can quickly determine if you should worry or not) and you can also register to receive alerts specific to your location and needs.

The site is currently in beta, and they’d love to hear your feedback. We think this could be a really helpful tool for families. What do you think?

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