Amazing New Games From Nintendo On the Way!

Screen Grab from Epic Mickey

Had the chance to preview some new upcoming games from Nintendo yesterday: all of them in time for Holidays 2010. We know it’s crazy to start thinking about the holidays already, but we saw some games that will definitely be on your kids’ wish lists this year. Here are a few highlights:
Epic Mickey features our intrepid hero, Mickey Mouse himself, making his way through Wasteland, a dark, beautiful world full of forgotten Disney characters, ruled over by a vengeful Oswald the Rabbit–Walt Disney’s first character. Mickey makes his way through Wasteland solving puzzles, completing quests and interacting with some old friends. He’s equipped with paint and thinner to help him along his way, and what makes this title really exciting is the ability to choose how you play: you can defeat baddies with thinner or you can befriend them with paint. How you play will determine the outcome of the game, and we love that there’s no one “right” way to play it. The game is coming in time for Holiday 2010, though no firm date has been set yet, and they’re aiming for a rating of E 10+, meaning it will be great for preteens and up. For the Wii.
Kirby is back in Kirby’s Epic Yarn, an adorable side-scroller made to look like a plush, textile world. Kirby’s made of, you guessed it, yarn, and he plays through these beautiful landscapes grabbing beads and unravelling the obstacles that get in his way. He can transform into all kinds of things to help him advance–umbrella Kirby can float to the ground, tank Kirby has some extra strength to offer, and car Kirby zooms along. Kirby can’t die, nor can he get hurt, and baddies dont’ look all that bad when they’re made of yarn and totally adorable. It’s a really charming game, and though it’s perfect for entry-level gamers (6+), it was compelling enough to keep full-grown adults engaged as well. Best of all: two friends can play through the whole game together. It’s due this fall. Rating is pending. For the Wii.
Anyone who remembers the joys of the original Donkey Kong Country will be thrilled to know that Kong is back for another adventure side-scroller, along with his sidekick Diddy Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Gameplay is very reminiscent of the original, but with many improvements, and two players can play simultaneously, helping each other along the way (due for the holidays, rating pending. For the Wii.). NHL Slapshot sees players progressing from Pee-Wee level hockey—playing on an outdoor rink—through Bantam, Juniors and into a Professional hockey career. Sports fans will love playing through the career of Wayne Gretzky and using an actual stick (don’t worry, it’s foam) to take slapshots and cross check opponents (due Sept 7, 2010, rating pending. For the Wii). On the Nintendo DS, Professor Layton is back in another puzzle-solving, mind-bending game, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. This is classic Layton all the way: the Professor and his sidekick Luke make their way through a gorgeously animated world, solving brain twisters and logic puzzles at every turn. The game features 165 brand new puzzles to solve. It’s due late September, 2010 and rating is pending. For the Nintendo DS/DSi.

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