An Ode To Value Village – How to Make the Most of Your VV Visit

Image courtesy of stuttermonkey via Flickr

I can’t tell you how much Value Village has had a positive effect on  my style. If I only knew what I do now when I was in post-secondary my apartment would have been a lot nicer and my wardrobe far more extensive, save for the fact that my four roommates and I were able to share 5 closets between the lot of us.

And now, sure it is still about being able to buy cool stuff for cheap, but its also equal parts being able to find a new home for the discarded and to create a style that is less Ikea-in-the-box and more your own.

So, yesterday on one of my monthly visits I started in the book section, but this time it was the comics that caught my eye. In great condition, these comics will be our new craft project (check out our September issue to see if they make it!). And for so cheap. Next I venture to the board games, again for what will hopefully be used for craft materials. I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for but I did buy some wicked old-school games that will be perfect for a night with friends and wine.

Next I made my way to the clothes. I have to admit, when I first started shopping at VV it was a bit daunting. Racks and racks of colour-coded, quasi-sorted fashion mayhem. But going in with an abundance of time and pre-shopping glee, my experiences at VV have gotten much better. And seriously, they are the best bets to find the right now fashion statements (even before they hit H&M stores in full swing). See-through, oversized 80’s blouses – check. Wild printed pants – oh boy do they have them. Chambray shirts (tip: look in the mens section), over-the-belly-button pleated pants, floppy sun hats and more.

My best advice for making the most of  your next VV experience – do research, bring pictures, and leave the kids at home.

– Shannon, CF‘s style editor

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