Baby Bangs—Cruel or Kind?

Baby Bangs: From bald to blonde, just like that.

If your baby girl wasn’t blessed with Donald Trump-esque locks from birth, or if you’re tired of ogling strangers mistaking your baby girl for a baby boy, you need to know about this new product: Baby Bangs.

According to its website, Baby Bangs are the “first and only ready to wear hairstyle headbands ever made.” The hair and band accessory combination gives bald baby girls luscious locks in any colour, size and style. The Baby Bangs are worn the same way traditional headbands are worn, and supposedly your tot will barely even know she’s wearing it.  While this seems like a good idea in theory, actually keeping this ‘revolutionary’ hairstyle free of play-doh and pudding seems like it might be quite tough. And, imagine the embarrassment when your baby’s hair starts slipping off in public when her fingers start tugging at her new-fangled ‘do.

So, what do you think? Are these baby bangs a pointless product of our image-conscious world, or are they a chic way to keep your baby looking her best?

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