Big Lotto Dreams. Only $5

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Like so many Canadians, we too dream of winning the lottery. Of course the odds of winning tonight’s big Lotto Max prize is 1 in 28 million, but no matter, we bought a group ticket anyways. Here’s what the staff of Canadian Family would do with our share of $50 million.

“There would be many, many cabanas and umbrella drinks in my future. The end.” -Christina, CF‘s managing editor

“I would live in this hotel I’m in right now and buy a suite for each member of the team.” – Jen CF‘s editor (currently staying in some swanky spot in New York City.)

“Apologies for stating the obvious, but PAY OFF MY MORTGAGE! Travel. Get an iPad. Give a bunch away. Use it for good, save a little for evil.” -Colleen, CF‘s acting art director

“Well, I’d start out by purchasing a small chain of Taco Bells, so I could always have a dependable supply of fries supreme. Then I’d immediately fly, in quick succession, to the top five destinations on my “always wanted to visit” list. First stop? Cape Town.” -Tim, CF’s contributing editor

“I would buy a place with a closet the size of my current apartment, and fill it completely. And then I’d leave it all behind and travel everywhere Tim hasn’t been.” -Shannon, CF‘s style editor

“I would golf a whole lot. The four hospitals that helped my daughter Charlotte would get huge donations for their preemie departments. And I would buy my brother-in-law a condo so he could move out of his parents basement.” – Robin, CF‘s senior editor

“I’d go back to school and become a midwife. Then work casually from home with one or two patients while making three more babies of my own. ” -Jenn, CF‘s associate art director

“In addition to not worrying about the cost of daycare at some point, or the cost of much else, for that matter, I would finish up all of the projects around the house, invest most of it and spend the rest of the summer at the cottage writing.” -Megan, editor

How about you? What would you do with $50 million?

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