Bird’s Nest: Rice Krispies Square Snack

Image Courtesy of Kellogg's Rice Krispies

Snap, Crackle and Pop would be proud to see their beloved Rice Krispies turned into this little bundle of spring joy that your kids will love making just as much as they will love eating. There is hardly a cereal out there that sparks nostalgia in parents like Rice Krispies. And what better time to share the bright days of your youth with your kids then in the spring. These Robin’s Egg Nest Treats put a spring time twist on an old classic.

The usual suspects are all here; marshmallows, butter or margarine and the cereal that started it all, but now they’re joined by flaked coconut, jelly beans and chocolate eggs. So have fun, get a little messy and a little sticky as you prepare for the warm weather ahead. Happy Snap, Crackle and Popping!

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