Daily Photo: Bookworm Babe

That is one snazzy haircut, Ben!

There are so many things to be thankful for today, it might be impossible to have the Monday Grumps. There’s the sunshine and warm weather, but more importantly, there’s Ben.

We get so many great photos from our readers that it’s hard for us to choose our favourites, but Ben has officially stolen our hearts. Now 19 months, this photo was snapped by Ben’s grandma, Diane, of Brantford, Ont., after his very first haircut. Ben’s grandma is trying to instill in her grandson his late mother’s love of books—and we’d say she’s been very successful so far. Look at that adorable smile!

(Diane also let us know that Ben’s dad, Dwayne, is one awesome dad. We have a feeling that it runs in the family.)

Do you have shots of your wee ones you want to share? Send us your photos! You can also browse through all of the pictures we’ve posted so far.

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