Do You Have Advice for Moms Losing Non-Mom Friends or Vice Versa?

Illustration by Vera Brosgol

If you cast your memory back to almost two years ago (February 2009), you might remember a story that we ran about how the birth of babies can sometimes lead to the death of friendships. Those without babies might not appreciate/understand the new priorities, the general fatigue and all-consumingness of parenthood, particularly when parenthood is new. And while non-parent friends still want to have late dinners and booze-fueled nights out, you need to be home by a certain hour (and in a certain condition) to relieve the babysitter/parent/spouse who is caring for the wee one.

Well, a reader recently commented that this is one knife that cuts both ways. This weekend, reader Ash commented:
“It goes both ways. All of my girlfriends have kids, and it’s hard and aggravating for me to always be making the effort. They never want to do anything, because it’s just ‘too hard’ to find a babysitter, or even bring their kids to my house. So most nights I sit at home alone, too.”

So, what do you think? Any sympathy for non-parent friends who are also feeling cut out? Do you have any advice to share for new parents who are missing their non-parent friends, or for non-parents who are missing their parent friends? What has worked for you?

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