Ellen Pompeo Wants Fans to Donate Diapers

Photography by Firooz Zahedi for Elle Décor

Know that feeling when you are down to the last diaper and you just haven’t had time to run to the store? Now imagine that feeling for moms who are forced to reuse soiled diapers or choose between diapers and other necessities like food, electricity and heat.

According to a Huggies study, nearly 1 in 5 Canadian moms struggle to provide diapers for their babies.

“It’s heartbreaking,” says Ellen Pompeo, aka Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy and an ambassador for Huggies’ Every Little Bottom program. Pompeo, whose daughter Stella just turned one (“Every day with her is like Christmas…I am just so excited to see her!”), said she chose to support this initiative because, “it’s a problem we can really fix. The need for diapers doesn’t get enough attention.” With clean, dry diapers, babies are happier, have better hygiene and moms suffer less stress according to the study.

“If everyone with kids who has the means can think for two seconds what it would feel like to leave your baby in a soiled diaper, you’ll run to the store to buy a pack,” said Pompeo, who encouraged Grey’s fans to purchase diapers for the cause. “If they love the show and they want me to stay on the show, I want to see the numbers of Huggies sales go up because for every package sold, Huggies is going to diaper babies. So I’m going to quit Grey’s Anatomy if the numbers don’t improve. And Patrick (Dempsey) will quit too,” joked the star.

“It’s most people’s latte budget for a week,” she reiterated. “And it could change a baby’s life tremendously.”

To find out how you can help with this national diaper drive, including buying specially marked packages of Huggies, donating diapers through Food Banks Canada or to take part in a diaper drive organized by Girl Guides of Canada, go here.

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