Family Literacy Day—Why Your Local Public Library Matters

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My family is a big fan of our local public library. Every Saturday after my daughter’s swimming lesson we hit the one in our community centre. We don’t rush. My girl likes to chat with the regulars we see there every week before heading for the books. Sometimes she’ll plunk down on the floor to look through a few that have piqued her interest, other times she’ll know exactly what she is looking for and scoop it up. Other times we’ll sit and read our choices side-by-side in our branch’s big lounge-type chairs. Then she’ll give the DVD rack a once over to see if there is anything new. With her own library card in hand she checks out her own selections—powerful stuff for a five-year-old.

While improving your child’s literacy can be done anywhere—reading a menu, making a shopping list—and at any time, a trip to the library can make reading part of an experience. In fact, most branches host story times for babies and toddlers, bring in guest readers or hold book clubs for school-aged kids, and host a number of events throughout the year for families who want to make reading a priority in their child’s life. Contact your local branch; you might be surprised by what they offer.

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Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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