Family Safety Plans: Earthquake and Fire Editions

Photo by tacker via Flickr (CC)

If you’re a resident of Quebec or Ontario, you might have felt the 5.0 earthquake yesterday afternoon. The chance of a major earthquake ever hitting this part of the world, or anywhere in most parts of Canada, is slim (sorry B.C.), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared. Especially if you vacation to earthquake-prone areas. Yesterday’s tremor got us thinking: do we really know what to do if there’s an earthquake?

We found a great list of seven steps to earthquake safety from by the Southern California Earthquake Center. According to them, the best bet in an earthquake is to drop, cover and hold on. Get down on the floor, crawl under a sturdy desk or table, and hold on and ride it out.

And, while we’re thinking about safety, why not take a few minutes to our how-to on creating a family fire safety plan: a much more likely occurrence in this part of the world, and one every family should be prepared for.

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