Giving Back With (A Little Bit of) Cash: Why We Love Micro Loans

Just one example, Kim Lang of Cambodia is seeking a loan to buy a motorbike to transport groceries for her grocery store.

One of our favourite charities is Kiva, an online micro-financing organization. With a single loan of just $25, you can help low-income entrepreneurs from the around the world grow their business, support their families and build better communities. Each loan request includes a bio, details about what the money will be used for, repayment terms and information about other Kiva users who have contributed to that entrepreneur.

We love receiving emailed updates about our loans, be they to a farmer in Togo, a grocery store owner in Cambodia or an artist in Peru. Want to involve your whole family? Dust-off a world map or globe, choose a region—Kiva can list loan applications by geography, sector and gender—discuss what loaning means and decide together which entrepreneur to support. Loan terms vary, but are usually paid back within six to twelve months, when they’re fully repaid you can choose to withdraw your funds or reinvest. We’ve never had more fun loaning money or more success getting it back again! (Gift certificates are also available.)

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