Great Thanksgiving Side Option

Image courtesy of Food Network Canada

For some more fall colours on your Thanksgiving table, try this recipe from Food Network Canada: Lazy Ratatouille.

What you will need to buy:

– eggplants
– red peppers
– yellow peppers
– zucchini
– onion
– pepperoncini
– bay leaf
– rosemary sprig
– medium sized tomatoes
– fresh basil.

You will also need olive oil for cooking, and salt and pepper for flavour. The specific list of ingredients can be found here, as well as the cooking directions. If you are someone who likes to watch how something is made and pick up techniques, Food Network Canada offers a video of Laura Calder cooking this recipe.

Tip: if there are leftovers, use them to make a quiche, as Laura recommends in her cookbook, French Taste.

The bright reds, yellows, and greens will bring autumn inside, onto the plates of your guests!

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