Give Grocery Bags the Boot

Photograph by Guillermo Gomez

Have you ever wondered what can be done with the mounting pile of plastic bags that seem to pile up after various trips to the grocery store? Well now there is an eco-friendly way to turn those environmental terrors into terrific fashion treasures.

These modish boots are largely made from polyethylene bags, which are the same plastic bags that are quickly being banned all over the country. The concept was dreamed up by design student Camila Labra from Chile. She named the books Dacca (aka Dhaka), after the capital of Bangladesh – formerly one of the most plastic bag-polluted cities in the world. (The bags were eventually banned from the city in 2002.)

Dacca boots are made of multiple layers of plastic bags, with a layer of cotton fabric on the inside for comfort and heat resistance. They are flexible, non-toxic solutions to the building bag problem that is happening worldwide.

The concept of creating boots that are new and trendy out of what we would normally consider trash is a hot new trend. Everyone seems to be jumping on the go-green bandwagon, and it’s about time. Incorporate a few eco-friendly choices into your wardrobe and show Mother Nature just what team you’re on!

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