Guest Post: Push Presents? Yes, Please

Elsa Perretti Necklace, $195, Tiffany & Co.

A good friend at the office had a visceral reaction to the term “push present.” In her mind it was a gross, borderline offensive concept. But then she hasn’t been pregnant, nor does she adore gifts like I (and maybe some other women) do. Gift from father to mom following the birth of a child is hardly revolutionary, and if the term “push present” might seen a bit crass, I apologize. Let’s think of it as the female “appropriation of pain.” Pregnancy for me was glorious, labour/childbirth awful and disappointing. Now give me something.

• One editor I know got a handbag from her husband after the birth of her son. I find this pretty bold. Investment bags have staying power but they can be expensive and she will need to be there to select.

• I remember a mom flashing a simple rolling tri-gold ring. A lovely symbolic gesture of two people becoming three.

• Charm bracelets of your childhood have been on the rise in recent years. My best male friend carried a vintage pink-gold charm bracelet into the recovery room for the birth of his first child. Charms can be added over the years and this will be a wonderful heirloom.

• Elsa Perretti by Tiffany. Let’s face it, nothing says “commemorative” like Tiffany. I received a lower case initial ‘F’ in gold after our son was born. I wanted something related to the baby’s name and my husband found this. It is so delicate and simple. Maybe I’ll be able to pass it on to someone special in his life someday.

—Jacquelyn Francis, executive editor of FASHION

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