Has your Dinner Routine Fallen Apart? Put Down That Phone!

Salmon with couscous and vegetables. Courtesy of SupperWorks.

So you started the school year with the best of intentions: Daily made-from-scratch family dinners complete with lots of time left for laughter and dishing about the day’s events. The first week or two were a challenge, but you made it work. By week three the wheels started to come off. By week four, your neighbours knew to make way for the delivery guys who peeled up to the curb promptly each night at 6. And now, well…let’s not go there.

Enter SupperWorks. For the past five years, the Canadian-owned meal-preparation store has opened its doors to busy parents who want to feed their families a home-cooked meal without the busy prep and messy clean up that comes with it. In less than two hours, you can assemble 12 freezable family-sized entrées for less than $5 per serving. When you’re ready to eat, simply thaw and follow the easy cooking instructions. And did we mention the fact that there’s no prep or clean up involved?!

The menu, which is refreshed each month, includes something for everyone: from BBQ pulled chicken for the slowcooker to moist and gooey Cranberry-Camembert Chicken Burgers (one little toddler we knew went back for seconds and…ahem…thirds!).

Although locations are currently limited to Ontario, the rest of the country can still take advantage of SupperWorks’ delivery service. What’s more, our good friends at SupperWorks also supplied us with these great time-saving tips and tricks that we can all benefit from:

Meal-planning Choose all your recipes for the week and select meals with similar ingredients so that you can buy in bulk. Then, dedicate a day for preparation; Sundays tend to be a popular choice. You can then do everything at once. For example, if you know you’ll be using peppers three nights this week, chop enough for all three meals.

Have supplies out and ready Place all your pots, pans, utensils and non-perishables on the counter the night before or in the morning before you leave the house. That way you don’t have to take time to get these out when you’re ready to cook. Also, check your recipes the night before and take out the tools you’ll need like measuring cups and spoons.

Save trips to the garbage can Use the bag your produce came in, a plastic grocery bag or an old coffee tin for your garbage while in the kitchen. Less trips to the trash saves precious time.

Label frozen foods well Before placing uncooked casseroles in the freezer, include any cooking instructions on a label attached to the item. By doing this, you skip the step of having to drag out the cookbook to look this information up again. Plus, if your kids are old enough to use the stove, they can get a head start and put the meal in the oven when they get home from school.

Clean as you go Try to clean as much as you can while your food is cooking. The more you get cleaned while you’re cooking the less you’ll have to do after mealtime is over! It’s also a good idea to fill your sink with soapy water before you begin cooking. Drop dirty or sticky pots and dishes into soak while you work.

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