Her: “I want a sister!” Me: “Ummmmm…”

photo by mtungate via flickr (cc)

My family is a family of three. My husband, my daughter and me. I often refer to us as a sandwich—we are the bread and Charlotte is the cheese. Recently she asked if she could have a brother or sister because “they could be the ham in our sandwich.” Ouch.

I have had this conversation with her before. My girl is an only child. That is not changing for oh-so-many reasons (sorry in-laws). When I asked her why she wanted a sibling, she said she really wanted an older sister. Hmmm. Not possible. So I reminded her of all the wonderful older girls she knows, especially my goddaughter and her sister, who dote on Charlotte whenever the families get together.

Nonetheless, it felt a little like even my daughter was questioning my husband’s and my decision to have just one child.

I guess we’ll have to get her a cat. Maybe we’ll name him “Ham”.

—Robin, CF senior editor

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