Hot Or Not: Pillow Case Dresses

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We just got a press release about a fashion trend that is all the rage – but we were surprised to learn that the trend is turning pillow cases into summer dresses for little girls!

So, we started scouring the web, and it turns out they are right! These Little House on the Praire-esque  dresses are everywhere, and if it ain’t a mama selling her own crafty designs, then its another mama showing how you can make ’em yourself.

But we are not sure we understand what all the hub bub is about? I mean they are just pillow cases, and they do still kind of look like pillow cases, don’t they? But they are extremely cheap to buy ($15 or less!) and even cheaper to make (3 bucks at your local VV boutique or perhaps you already have a stash of old pillow cases, plus some ribbon).

So would you buy or make a pillow case dress?

If you are thinking of making one, check out this comprehensive tutorial (including sizing!).

If you are thinking of buying, these are some of our favourites – more hippy chic than Laura Ingalls:

– This lady doesn’t just use pillow cases, she makes clothes from drapery, sheets and more!

– We love the fabrics she chooses for her pillow cases – no cartoon characters, we promise!

A jazzed-up version!

But whatever you choose, be it to pillow case or not, just be sure to be choosy when it comes to the fabric – that’s really where this craft can come amiss.

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