How Much Would You Pay Your Kids to do Their Homework?

If The Donald ran school boards...

When we started reading this short article from the Freakonomics guy, we were shaking our heads at the notion of paying our children money to do what’s expected in the first place. But then again, we hear the occasional rant in favour of adding money management to school curriculums alongside English, math and geography to better prepare kids for the real world. And like it or not, we live in a free market, reward-driven society. Shouldn’t we embrace that fact and teach our children the dos and don’ts early on?

The author makes a good point about the fact that we do this sort of thing already. We give weekly allowances that are tied to household chores and we suggest that Santa Claus might be extra generous if they’re good this year. Although paying $100 to a nine-year-old for doing putting a few golf balls, or giving students $2 for every book they read, seems a little over the top.

What do you think? Would a cash incentive motivate your kids to do their homework?

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