How to Deal with a Squirrely Toddler When it’s Freezing Outside

Image courtesty of chez_hoyt via Flickr. (CC)

Okay, granted that I’m not posting this from Yellowknife or Iqaluit where it’s currently -33 and -28, respectively. But here in Toronto it’s a nippy -6 and that means that, yet again, my daughter’s daycare won’t take the kids outside to play and, ahem, her parents sure won’t be either! However, said toddler is getting a bit antsy just sitting around indoors. Despite our best efforts at rationing toys to beat boredom, things are getting a bit stale. And while winter is a lovely time to live in a condo (no shovelling!), we certainly don’t have the luxury of just opening up the back door so our little one can play in the snow—something she loves to do. Who am I to deny her that?

So, in an effort to shake things up a bit, I decided to bring the white stuff inside. On a recent Sunday morning, early enough to ensure I wouldn’t bump into too many nosy neighbours, I armed myself with a few buckets and headed outside to gather up as much snow as I could carry. Once upstairs, I plugged the bathtub drain and dumped the snow before hauling out some forlorn sandbox toys and other utilitarian gear from the kitchen. After shoving her paws into mittens, I let her scoop and build to heart’s content while I perched on the edge of the counter drinking a steamy mug of tea. Win win!

—Christina, CF‘s managing editor

p.s. Like all novelties, this one will surely fade before next weekend. Tell me how you keep your toddler entertained when it’s glacial outside. (I’m begging you!)

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