How To Denim Right This Spring

Choose a classic fit for your jean jackets this spring (but check the back of your closet first!). $100, Esprit.

Though the washes and styles may change, there isn’t a season that goes by that doesn’t include denim. But knowing what works right now, is the hardest part. So, to get you on trend for spring we’ve collected some denim dos and don’ts to help you navigate your shopping adventures, and make sure you pick up the trends worth following.

DO Try Jeggings. If jeans and leggings had a baby, it would be called jeggings . You have probably scene them on some teen girls in your hood and thought “Not for me!” but we beg for you to reconsider. Jeggings are great for women who love denim but want the comfort and stretch of leggings. They are a little more appropriate for out-of-the-house wear and we guarantee that when you try them on, you will become a believer. If you’re still unsure, opt for a darker wash or even a black jegging without any fading or whiskers (check out these from Ricki’s for $50!).

DON’T Jean cut offs. Just don’t. Leave this to tweens and teens in your hoods.  (But DO feel free to tell them when too much of them is showing, and about the benefits of a longer and slightly looser short.)

PROCEED WITH CAUTION Denim with denim. This is a tricky one; for years we’ve been told that when it comes to denim, choose only one item per outfit. But now, the wise old logic is out the window and super trendy starlets including Reese Witherspoon are showing us that it can be done. The key? Keep it casual – no denim cocktail dresses, and please no denim heels – and pair different shades of denim to get the best look.

DO Bring out your old jean jacket. Shop your closet for your very own fashion revival that will help transition your favourite maxi and casual cotton or linen dresses from spring to summer. But DON’T wear it if it is the wrong size; stay away from baggy boyfriend-style or cropped jean jackets and look for one that is fitted, but comfortable, and classic.

DO Look for a jean tunic. Or a boyfriend-style shirt dress. We think they are cute and casual and effortlessly easy. Pair with tights and flats or sequined sandals for that “Oh-this?-It’s-just-something-I-had-in-my-closet look.”

We always emphasize creativity in your wardrobe, so feel free to break any of these rules when necessary – except the jean cut off one… that is basically a law if you’re 30 plus.

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