How to Pack a Lunch that Won’t Come Back

A Waldorf pasta salad is a perfect for lunches: it's portable, delicious, and will keep in a thermos!

You spend what feels like hours assembling a healthy, delicious (often nut-free, seafood-free, egg-free and litterless) lunch for your kids, only to have half of it returned uneaten. Are they snarfing a friend’s food? Are they trying out a hunger strike? Or have they simply, as was the case with one 6-year-old we know, not noticed that extra zippered compartment filled with food? Sigh.

Never fear: packing lunches they’ll love is easier than you think. Try smaller amounts of more types of food, particularly for little ones, who might get overwhelmed by giant sandwiches or big Thermoses filled with soup. And don’t discount presentation: if something is cute or has been cut into a funny shape, your child will want to eat it. The easiest way to ensure that lunch doesn’t come home at the end of the day? Get the kids involved in making it: ask for their preferences, and have them help prepare the food.

Junior Chef Guide for a fantastic collection of easy lunch recipes, tips and strategies to turn your kids into junior chefs and adventurous eaters! You’ll also find a coupon for Catelli SmartTM pasta: another great option for picky eaters. Because it’s got 2.5 times the fibre of traditional pasta and it’s delicious, you can still serve them their favourites like macaroni and cheese and spaghetti with snow (the term for Parmesan used by one certain child we know), while knowing they’re getting a healthy dose of soluble fibre. You’re happy, they’re happy: it’s a win-win!

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