Jimmy Fallon Loves Blonde Moms

Photo Courtesy of NBC

All of us here in the office have watched Saturday Night Live either on TV or through various YouTube clips, so we were really excited when we heard Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was going to start the week of March 2. Although seeing Conan go is a bit of a downer, Fallon’s comedic timing and background in acting are something to look forward to.

The only downside? The 12:35 a.m. time slot, which is a bit of a stretch for some moms here. However, Fallon did better than we thought. Off to a nervous start, he looked at times like he might throw up or collapse from sweat overload, but he isn’t bad. He’s not afraid to use his celebrity friends as guinea pigs either, and had a good lineup for his first week, with guests Robert DeNiro, Justin Timberlake and oldie-but-goodie band Van Morrison.

And on his first show, Fallon even showcased a cute video about his target demographic of the day: blonde mothers from Connecticut, who apparently look less sick and sad than their brunette counterparts. (Note that this “Target Demographic” segment smells a bit like something that’s already been around for a while; the Target Women series of videos by comedian Sarah Haskin. And, if we had to pick, Haskins’ videos are currently much funnier than Fallon’s.)

We know 12:35 a.m. is way past your kids and probably your own bedtime, but a little entertainment never hurt anyone! It’s too early to tell how successful this new show will be, but it’s definitely worth losing a few zzz’s over, even just for one night a week.

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