Jon & Kate Re-Cap: Looking for the Positives

Click this photo to read comments about the breakup on the TLC website.

So, we were hoping Jon and Kate would say “we’ve realized we need to dedicate more time to our family and are thusly cancelling the show,” but no such luck. The announcement that the pair are splitting doesn’t come as a huge surprise, and while, yes, it’s sad and so on, we’ve decided to focus on the positives (as Kate said last night: there are positives in any situation if you look hard enough).

• They’re moving themselves, and not the kids, back and forth. We liked that.
• There are many families who have experienced what they’re experiencing. You usually don’t see breakups played out in public this way, for good reason, but this whole debacle could be a source of comfort for other families.
• We generally support parents doing whatever it takes to make things work for the sake of their kids, but perhaps it is better to have separated parents than parents who bicker and berate each other constantly (on TV, no less).

Love ’em or hate ’em, we feel for this family. What they’re going through is never easy, whether in public or private. Just hoping that whatever happens, the kids feel loved and secure.

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