Lady Fingers, a Halloween Classic!

Image courtesy of Food Network Canada

If you need a Halloween snack for your kids’ classes or a dessert for a party, lady fingers are always a great choice for Halloween!

Kids will love how real they look – and they taste great too!

Almonds as fingernails add a realistic touch to the cookies, but if you are making them for a large group, you may consider avoiding the nut and going with banana chips as an alternative to avoid nut allergy issues.

Food Network Canada says that this recipe makes 20 cookies, takes about 30 minutes of preparation, and 17 minutes of cook time.

Here’s what you need:

– unsalted butter, softened
– white sugar
– egg
– teaspoon vanilla
– pinch salt
– all-purpose flour
– baking powder
– milk
– red cake-decorating sugar
– whole blanched almonds or pieces of banana chips

For instructions on how to make lady fingers, visit Food Network Canada!

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