Last Season for Supernanny Jo

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After six seasons of trying to bring peace and tranquility to chaotic households, Supernanny Jo Frost is taking a “time out”.

The reality-show star and author told the New York Post she is “ready to hang up her cape” to spend a little more time on her personal life and maybe have some kids of her own—which we’re betting would be a well-behaved bunch.

I know I have watched my fair share of Supernanny episodes and even gave the “naughty step” a go with my own daughter, but wonder if most parents watch the show for the parenting advice or to see families that are struggling with discipline way more than their own.

The seventh—and likely final—season premieres tonight on ABC and Citytv at 8 p.m. It features the Atkinsons, a family with five kids in all, three from previous marriages, including a super sullen teen causing all kinds of grief and a four-year-old with separation anxiety.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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