Mammoth Foods Leave a Funny Taste

Image courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Canada

Last week I had a chance to take a breather from the office so I set out in the blazing heat and headed down to Toronto’s Harbourfront. I was on a quest for the world’s largest blueberry smoothie.

When I got to the event, sponsored by the Diary Farmers of Canada, the mood was jovial; music was playing, people took turns milking a mechanical “cow” and kids from an inner city day camp gave it their all in a moo-ing contest. All the while, giant buckets of Canadian milk, blueberries, yogurt and honey were added to an industrial-sized mixer (made specially for the event) as an emcee updated the crowd on the progress.

The purpose of the event was to set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s largest smoothie, stamping out the previous record of 681 litres. By about 12:30, the new record—1,000 litres—was set and met with much fanfare. Awards were presented, photos were taken and sampling began.

Even though that smoothie was pretty delicious, I couldn’t help but feel a bit cynical. What was the point of all this? Sure, it brought a bunch of people together for a bit of fun…but it all felt a bit gluttonous. To make the colossal smoothie required 550 litres of milk, 300 kg of blueberries, 150 litres of vanilla yogurt and 35 litres of Canadian honey.

I’m not saying these events shouldn’t happen—after all, it was a great place for families to spend a summer afternoon—but next time someone sets out to build a gigantic menu item, I’d love to see an equal donation from food sponsors to some of the city’s food banks, shelters and school breakfast programs.

What do you think?

—Christina, CF‘s managing editor

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