Mini Oscar Cookies Tutorial

Photography by The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

The Oscars are only 2 days away and everyone is working themselves into an Oscar-worthy frenzy! (Or maybe that’s just us…) We have to say, though, that if there was an award for the cutest mini-cookie inspired by the biggest red carpet event of the year, it would be the Itty Bitty Oscar Cookies from the creative-cookie genius blog that is The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

This is a cookie project for the expert multi-tasker. Each icing step needs time to dry, so you are looking at a 1 to 2 hour project. Once you’re finished, it will be hard to resist snacking on these little nibblies, as you wait anxiously for your favourite actor/actress/movie to win the much-coveted award. And these little cookies would be a perfect addition to your Kid Friendly Oscar Party.

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