Moral Question: Moms Behaving Badly Online

Photo by Getty Images

We couldn’t help but notice some of the drama that unfolded last week in the comment sections of a few popular mom blogs. We’ve mentioned in the past that breastfeeding is a heated topic, but this time things may have gone a bit too far. The culprits? A selection of commenters who had some very nasty things to say (particularly when using the handle “Anonymous”).

As much as we might like to vent our frustrations about a particular topic, it’s important to keep in mind that the things we say to each other—even anonymously, via the internet—can really sting. While we love the fact that the Internet has given parents the opportunity to share their experiences and engage in discussion with each other, it’s very disappointing when a potentially great conversation quickly degrades into a catty episode of name calling and cyber bullying.

But the bigger question, we think, is this: How can we tell our children not to behave this way with their friends if we can’t act civilly towards each other as adults? What kind of example are we setting with our online behaviour?

We want to know—what do you think about anonymous commenting online? Would you (or do you) comment anonymously? Why or why not?

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