Moral Question: Parent Blogging in 10 Years

Blogging about my blankie? Not cool, Mom!

The generation of kids toddling around right now is the first to be blogged about to such a thorough degree. As parents record all the details of their kids’ lives (often for the benefit and entertainment of others), we wonder what will happen when this generation of kids grows up. Will there be a colossal backlash from kids who feel they’ve been exploited, despite our attempts to be respectful and protect their identities? Will our kids refuse to blog about their own in protest? Will mom and dad blogs become a thing of the past? Or will this generation of kids simply look on their parents’ blogs as we look on photo albums or memory boxes? Will a parental blog be just one more noise in the cacophony of personal information made public?

Our crystal ball is on the fritz—will anyone share their predictions?

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