One Million Moms Hating on Miley

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Our friend and colleague Alicia McAuley posted a very interesting post on her blog recently about the radical Christian group One Million Moms decrying Miley Cyrus for making gay-positive comments on her Twitter feed, such as “I am a Christian and I love you—gay or not—because you are no different than anyone else! We are all God’s children.” We suspect Miley made these comments in response to the kafuffle around Miss California and her anti same-sex marriage stance during the recent Miss USA pageant. Here’s an excerpt from Alicia’s site:

“Yes, One Million Moms—a “special project” of the American Family Association—apparently hates Miley Cyrus and her evil messages of love and acceptance so much, that they’ve started a letter writing campaign. Now you, too, can let this poor, misguided teen icon know that the positive comments she directed at fellow human beings on the Interweb are “shocking and heartbreaking,” not to mention “not Biblically correct,” and that she needs to STFU before her soul burns in hell and crazy people picket her funeral. (Okay, I’m paraphrasing that last bit, but trust me, the letter is just plain ridiculous.)”

Apparently this group is also speaking out against Quizno’s and Campbell’s Soup. Not sure about Quizno’s, but they’re upset with Campbell’s Soup for advertising in the Advocate, one of the largest LGBT publications in the U.S.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that, since May 1st, One Million Moms has removed the Miley Cyrus campaign from their list of “issues.” We have, however, found the text of the call-to-action from One Million Moms director Monica Cole on the American Family Association website (which is affiliated with One Million Moms).

Like Alicia, we’re shocked that this kind of blind hatred still exists. Especially coming from a group of parents. What do you think?

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