Our Next Guest: Dr. Arlene King, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Arlene King

We’re very pleased to welcome our next guest blogger, Dr. Arlene King, the Chief Medical Officer for Ontario.

Dr. King took her position as Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health right in the middle of the H1N1 flu pandemic. Despite relocating to Toronto, finding a place to live, familiarizing herself with the position of leading Ontario’s public health system, managing the first pandemic of the 21st century and planning the largest immunization program in Canadian history—all while facing the scrutiny of the media on a daily basis—she manages to keep a smile. Her dedication to preventing the flu from getting an overwhelming grip on Ontario keeps her schedule full, her phone-ear warm and requires long hours in and out of the office. She tries to balance this enormous task and upheaval as a wife and mother of two young men.

Join us next week for Dr. King’s expert tips and advice on how you and your family can stay healthy this winter.

UPDATE: You can find Dr. King’s complete bio here.

6 responses to “Our Next Guest: Dr. Arlene King, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer”

  1. nomorewindlies says:

    Dr Arlene King has been responsible for negligence, in our view, with respect to the many families who can no longer live in their homes due to proximity to industrial wind turbines. Over 140 families have reported serious health effects, over 45 families have abandoned homes or been bought out by developers. Her scant and now antique “literature review” is reviled world wide and seen as collusion with turbine developers and government that is “corruption with corporations.” This is worldwide: Denmark and AU are reporting the same collusions. Time to NOT listen to Dr Arlene King and her ilk. I would not listen to Arlene talk about the flu or malaria or germs or anything medical at all at this point. It is time for her to resign!

  2. Debby says:

    It is time for one of the most inept Chief Medical Officers of Health to resign before all of the crap lands on her from the havoc she has caused to Ontario residents by the useless “literature review” with her name on it!

    If she had a crumb of humility at all, she would step aside and allow someone competent to replace her.

  3. Ontario Citizen says:

    Dr. Arlene King needs to resign. Her primary role as Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario is to protect Ontario citizens’ health. Since 2006 the government has known that industrial wind turbines (IWT) effect many people’s health in an indirect way. Freedom of Information documents released as far back as 2011 clearly confirm this. If IWTs were a prescription drug the government would have withdrawn it from the shelves and initiated studies. Rural Ontarians are facing a wind turbine pandemic and no one in the health department is protecting us! Dr. Arlene King should resign or call for an immediate moratorium until studies can be completed. The government’s lack of action is shocking – Do we live in a third world country? Maybe it is time to move.

  4. thebiggreenlie says:

    This woman has been nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Wind Industry/McGuinty.
    She has aligned herself with “Green Investors” against the health concerns of Ontario Citizens and should resign!
    BTW, quit saying she has saved Ontario from a flu epidemic……………..it’s in full on epidemic proportions right now.but one shouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good spin eh?…………………McGuinty is gone, Wynne will soon be gone…..why hasn’t this woman gone back to her U.N. involved agendas somewhere else in the World?……….here’s a suggestion: she’d fit right in inside China!!!!

  5. energy01 says:

    The ‘direct/indirect’ word games that Dr. Arlene King and the Liberal government have been playing with rural residents have been exposed by FOI releases and Dr. King should be ashamed to have ever been a party to such a repugnant scheme.

  6. lakehurongal says:

    King’s actions and lack thereof pertaining to the citizens affected by wind turbines in this province are scandalous. She has deceived and ignored the citizens she represents and then participated in her own “WindGate”. This is more than appalling and one hopes her days in office are limited. Just another case of political allegiance corrupting conscience.