Palm-Oil Free Candy for Valentine’s Day!

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt, via Flickr

Before you grab that heart-shaped box of candy off the shelf, check the ingredients list for palm oil. Readily found in everything from makeup to food products—it’s found in about 50% of all packaged goods available today—palm oil has come increasingly under scrutiny for the ways in which it is harvested.

Palm oil is produced in Malaysia, Indonesia and in many tropical climates, and giant swaths of bio-diverse rainforest have been cleared to make room for fields of oil palms: in the process destroying habitat and putting many forms of life (animals, plants, insects, etc.) at risk, including orangutans and elephants.

Since the World Wildlife Federation introduced a Palm Oil Scorecard in 2009 to rate various corporations who buy palm oil for their products, some have committed to buying only sustainable palm oil. But you can cast your vote as well, by buying Valentine’s Day treats that don’t contain palm oil. Happily, there are lots tasty options to choose from!

Palm-Oil Free Candy:

• M&Ms, Mini M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms
• Reese Miniatures
• Russel Stover Assorted Chocolates
• Hershey’s Kisses (but not Hershey’s Hugs)
• Wonka Sweethearts
• Dove Milk Chocolate Almond, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, as well as Dark Chocolate Collection, Raspberry Truffle Hearts, Milk Chocolate Hearts, And Dark and Milk Chocolate Roses
• Wrigley Life Saver Valentine Mix

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