Photo of the Day: Ahoy Matey!

Declan and Sophie preparing for a workout.

Little Declan (with first mate Sophie) was sent to us by mom Jean McFeely of Brockville.  Jean describes the photo best: “At the time the picture was taken Daddy had taken him to Ottawa to participate in his first charity event at the YMCA-YWCA. Both my husband and I work for the Y and having children that have an awareness of their philanthropic potential is important. Needless to say, while in Ottawa it was very tough for Daddy to resist breaking out the baby jogger and taking Declan for a run along the canal. It was a beautiful day and even though Declan was teething, he had his best friend Sophie (what a God send) with him. This was the before picture, and it makes me laugh out loud, because Declan looks how I feel sometimes, at the thought of getting out there and doing a workout. But once finished, you know you’ll feel better – and so did Declan. He was all smiles once they returned. ”

What a little cutie!

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