Photo of the Day: Little Blue Eyes

6-month-old Kevin oughtta be in pictures.

Mom Allison of London, Ont., sent in this sweet shot of her beautiful 6-month-old Kevin. She’s even toyed with the idea of getting him into some print ads: do any parents of child models have any advice on how she can get started?

We get a lot of questions asking us about how kids can become models, in the magazine or otherwise, and you’d think we might have some good advice of our own, but given that we only book models (and even then, we try to use non-model kids when we can), we’re not much help. We can give one piece of advice based on our own experiences: make sure your kids enjoy it. It’s an unfortunate reality of child modeling that a lot of the kids simply don’t want to be there, and the parents are pushing them. It makes the entire experience unpleasant for everyone involved: the child, the parent, the photographer and the client. Just something to keep in mind.

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