Photo of the Day: Preemie Donna

Oh, sweet Maisie, we know EXACTLY how you feel!

Mom Eileen McCusker-Korczak of Brantford, Ont., sent in this shot of her beautiful little girl, Maisie, who was born November 30, 2008—8 weeks early! Maisie has somehow managed to perfectly express the way we’re feeling right about now (after a busy weekend, Mondays are tough!).

Our own senior editor, Robin, wrote a moving piece about her challenging—and ultimately rewarding—experience delivering a preemie here (her daughter, Charlotte, was born 12 weeks early).

Do you have shots of your wee ones you want to share? Send us your photos! And browse through all of the pictures we’ve posted so far. Don’t forget: for Father’s Day we’re looking of shots of your kids with their dads, or even sending a special Father’s Day message!

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