Photo of the Day: There is Something in the Air

A favourite of his mom's, this is a picture of Lucas, now 3. Submitted by Kim Latreille, Toronto.

Can you feel it? Warm weather is coming! And frankly, we couldn’t be happier (although we have to admit, we kinda wish it would stay a bit chilly the next couple of days while we are stuck indoors).

But summer is just around the corner and we are already thinking of ways to spend our nights and weekends. Is it just us, or do we try to fit a year’s worth of activity into the two or three months of summer? (You know, all of that stuff we don’t get done while hibernating during our 8-month-long Canadian winters.)

Well, for starters, we will be reading that stack of overdue library books on the night table, trying to keep our kids stimulated, happy and healthy, and grilling up a storm! (Get some great grilling ideas from our Summer issue’s Grill Guide.)

So, in the spirit of warmer weather, shorter hemlines and baring all in a bikini… let us know what you are up to this summer!

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