Pick of the Week: Seltzer’s Seven Year Pen

The Seven Year Pen by Seltzer

While we spend a lot of time tapping away on keyboards and smart phones these days, there’s still a great deal of satisfaction that comes from putting pen to paper. You know the one—it glides over the page smoothly, it’s nice to hold, and you could swear that it makes your handwriting look a little more attractive than usual. But then, after a few dozen notes, your new favourite pen runs out of ink and makes its way directly to your trash bin.

Purchase, write, repeat.

New York company Seltzer Goods aims to break that cycle with its line of Seven Year Pens. Manufactured in Switzerland, the bright, funky pens feature an extra large ink cartridge, which the company claims will allow you to write “two metres a day for seven years.” With that kind of mileage, it could easily follow your junior novelist from high school right into college. You may even want to take up the lost art of letter writing.

What we love: With its fun colours and quirky designs, you can skip the basic black and find a Seven Year Pen that reflects your personal style—from old-school quills to hipster glasses. It writes ultra smooth, is comfortable to hold, and is ready to use with one simple click (no fiddly caps to lose—bonus!).

What we don’t love: The price seems a bit steep for a single pen—especially if you’re the kind of person who misplaces them often, or likes to have multiples (one for work, one for school, etc.) It’s also hard to say if it will really live up to its promise of an extra-long life. And when it finally does wear out, it still ends up somewhere, unlike some other eco-friendly options on the market right now.

The Seven Year Pen retails for $10, and can be found at all Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada, or online at chapters.ca.

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