Quick And Easy DIY Home Spa

Photo courtesy of LivyAnn via Flickr

The kids are down for a nap and you have less than an hour of me time before the laundry’s done or one of them wakes up crying, so how do you spend the time? How about a half-hour skin-and-hair rejuvenating regiment to get you looking and feeling better, without ever having to leave home.

1. Prepare for warm-weather wear by scrubbing away dry skin. Drugstore exfoliators to use in the shower are quick and inexpensive. Time: 2 minutes Luxe Option: Visit a local spa for a body scrub. This treatment often includes a massage, and many spas offer free perks like a steam room or hot tub.

2. Keep your newly scrubbed skin smooth by getting moisture everywhere you can. Add a few drops of bath oil when filling the tub and then soak it in. Bonus: A bath oil can have aromatherapy benefits; depending on the scent you use, it can be relaxing or energizing. Time: 10 minutes.

3. We tend to hit the hairdryer a little harder in winter, which makes our locks dull and brittle. Revive tresses with a moisturizing hair mask that you can use in the shower or bath. You don’t need to leave it on too long to reap amazing benefits. Time: 5-10 minutes Luxe Option: Many salons offer hair treatments. Bonus: A relaxing scalp massage. Add one to your next haircut.

4. Rejuvenate a dull complexion with a quick, three-step mini-facial. Cleanse your face, exfoliate, and then apply a mask geared to your skin type. A clay-based formula is great for oily skin, while dry skin types should look for a hydrating version. Time: 10 minutes.

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