Shoe Saving Solution

Photo courtesy of horaceko via Flickr

Remember our new summer shoes? Well I loved mine so much I did pretty much everything in them, including barbecuing for the family. Warning: barbecue sauce plus synthetic leather equals an irreversible mess.

But rather than discard the wedges into the lost loves section of my closet, I had a shoe epiphany. Since the stain (which deepened the butterscotch-y colour the sandals started out as) was a result of the oils in the barbecue sauce, I decided to stain the rest of the sandals to match. Using whatever oil I had in the kitchen at the time and a cotton cloth I spread a thin layer of oil over the fabric, and let dry. To my delight, it worked, and now I can go back to wearing my favourite sandals.

What are your secret weapons when it comes to stains?

—Shannon, CF’s style editor

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