Shopping Tip: Venture Into the Kids Department (For Yourself!)

Photography by Genevieve Caron

Okay, so granted shopping in the kids department is not a tip that can work for all women, but for the lucky few that are short and lean enough, it can be a great way to get similar styles for less.

Walk into any kids’ store these days and it is a lot of the same stuff we see for adults (heck, sometimes it’s more trendy!), but the prices can be much lower. And yes, sometimes the fits just won’t work (not enough butt and bust room, and a little less form-fitting than we’d like) but there is great stuff to be found. We suggest checking out the little boys section for a boyfriend blazer (you’ll often find a leaner fit than if actually buying a men’s blazer, without have to shell out for the trendy prices in the women’s section); the same goes for boyfriend jeans and tanks. Take a stroll to the little girls’ section and try on a loose-fitting cotton dress or rompers—just be careful with the fit under the arms and around the chest (look for options that aren’t defined up top (i.e. Empire waist), and look for solid or mature fabrics and patterns to avoid looking like you’re wearing kids’ clothes. Another tip: many stores (including Old Navy and The Children’s Place) have their sizing measurements online or in-store for your reference (which helps you figure out if it’s worth a try, and can be handy for shopping without kidlets).

Here’s a basic rundown of the measurements for kids clothes, but all brands size differently so always try things on before buying.

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