Snacktime Ideas For Picky Eaters: Play With Your Food!

Photography from Smita Srivastava at Little Food Junction

Getting picky eaters to do anything BUT pick at their food can be a frustrating affair. Canadian Family offers tips for picky eaters and mommy blogger Smita Srivastava also has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to getting her little ones to gobble up their food without fuss.

Zoo Sandwiches are just one way to entice your little ones into eating and inject little more fun and little less fight. If you make mealtimes and snack times fun and simple, and involve the kids in the preparation process, (i.e. asking them when their favourite zoo animal is, then, together, crafting a sandwich in that animal’s image) you make it a more pleasant experience for both parties.

You can find more fun food ideas from Smita on her blog Little Food Junction. Happy snacking!

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